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martes, 1 de febrero de 2011




You don´t have to be rich 2 be my girl
You don´t have to be cool 2 rule my world
Ain´t no particular sign I´m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

KISS- Prince

Fast,Slow,little dirty,cold, warm,an empty one,sweet,a burning one or just with lots and lots
(&lots&lots&lots&lots&lots) of love.
Well, don´t worry if u can´t find ur favourite!
B-rt has invented a quite special one for people who love to try new experiences!
I´ll call this Brand-new-type-kiss the Artist one.
Kissing feeling REAL LOVE! Yes, it´s quite difficult to being in an Artist one.
U can´t have this type of Kiss with everybody! It´s too Special for them!
But u know what? i´m the firts who had it!
I felt weird at start,obviously! Because i was kissing my design projects
(you can laugh at me,no worries!)
But then I saw something somewhere deep inside of me, telling me that I've just create something new!
So Yesterday I kissed everything which really deserve my Artist kiss!
'Started with my Pancakes, continued with my pillow which hold my ideas'keeper(head) every night,
then I kissed my pocket, running to kiss my selfphone, and at last, I kissed my model Paula who is here
showing her best side as usually!
THe shooting got so tired today, we were kissing the wall like over 30minutes! CRAZY!
I think I didn´t kiss more than I did it today! LOL
So hope u guys like the BRT-shirt cause I worked very much on it!
And don´t forget to get any of your favourite type of kiss to ur lover! Even if it´s an object! ;)
Thanks for checking!
C you guys soon!



miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

God save the Queen


God save the queen

the fascist regime,
they made you a moron
a potential h-bomb.
God save the queen
she ain't no human being.
there is no future
in england's dreaming
Don't be told what you want
don't be told what you need.
there's no future
there's no future
there's no future for you
God save the queen
we mean it man
we love our queen
god saves
God save the queen

Hey! Today was a busy day! I use to pass my sundays eating banana and chocolate pancakes with one of my closest friend Paula. But this sunday was different because i finished my Kingdom-bag on tuesday (hope u guys like it) so we decided to go somewhere to take some pictures. (what means, NO PANCAKES!!)
We went to Montjuic (Barcelona)! And when we were walking up the hill, we saw a Zebra car which was awful and which inspired me to make that session! The sun was shinning and we were happy to be there! Paula was great, always showing her best side!
Just wanna remember u guys, to leave a message if u like the Kingdom bag or the pictures or whatever! :)
I will keep trying to show the best i can do to all of you!
Thanks for checking my blog! I will come back very soon! 


Your feet

When I cannot look at your face
I look at your feet.
Your feet of arched bone,
your hard little feet.
I know that they support you,
and that your sweet weight
rises upon them.
Your waist and your breasts,
the doubled purple
of your nipples,
the sockets of your eyes
that have just flown away,
your wide fruit mouth,
your red tresses,
my little tower.
But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me.
Pablo Neruda

Model: Violeta Rasmussen
Photos and Make up: Blanca Rasmussen
                                                                                  If you want to buy this pants contact with:

Déjame sueltas las manos

                Dejame sueltas las manos

Déjame sueltas las manos
y el corazón, déjame libre!
Deja que mis dedos corran
por los caminos de tu cuerpo.
La pasión —sangre, fuego, besos—
me incendia a llamaradas trémulas.
Ay, tú no sabes lo que es esto!

Es la tempestad de mis sentidos
doblegando la selva sensible de mis nervios.
Es la carne que grita con sus ardientes lenguas!
Es el incendio!
Y estás aquí, mujer, como un madero intacto
ahora que vuela toda mi vida hecha cenizas
hacia tu cuerpo lleno, como la noche, de astros!

Déjame libre las manos
y el corazón, déjame libre!
Yo sólo te deseo, yo sólo te deseo!
No es amor, es deseo que se agota y se extingue,
es precipitación de furias,
acercamiento de lo imposible,
pero estás tú,
estás para dármelo todo,
y a darme lo que tienes a la tierra viniste—
como yo para contenerte,
y desearte,
y recibirte!

 Pablo Neruda

Model: Violeta Rasmussen
Photos and make up: Blanca Rasmussen

If you want those pants contact with Blanca Rasmussen:

Hey Bloggers! I´m coming back with some of my own new creation! 
Those pants describe how hard I worked to create them! And then, my model helped me to show them out to everybody and make them the coolest way as possible!
I was at home, staring at the window, singing some old songs, and thinking about to create something that can tell everyone the way I think,feel and maybe taste about moments of my life which can´t ever happen again.
So later, My brain stated to bright, my hands started to draw and on the paper, a new design appeared.
The letters of my pants, are songs which i feel identificated and phrases that can make me laugh, cry and dream about everything i love. because create is all that i love to do!
Thanks for checking!
Have a nice day! 

Into the jungle

The crocodile

"No animal is half as vile
As Crocky–Wock, the crocodile.
On Saturdays he likes to crunch
Six juicy children for his lunch
And he especially enjoys
Just three of each, three girls, three boys.
He smears the boys (to make them hot)
With mustard from the mustard pot.
But mustard doesn't go with girls,
It tastes all wrong with plaits and curls.
With them, what goes extremely well
Is butterscotch and caramel.
It's such a super marvelous treat
When boys are hot and girls are sweet.
At least that's Crocky's point of view"
                                                                  Roald Dahl

                                                          Model: Violeta Rasmussen
                                                   Photos and make up: Blanca Rasmussen
                                                          Assistant: Paula Vera Shan

                                                                      If you want to buy those pants contact with Blanca Rasmussen:

B-R´t "We are all art"

Bienvenidos a todos! Me llamo Blanca Rasmussen soy una joven diseñadora con grandes aspiraciones, es mi sueño desde hace muchisimo tiempo y poco a poco se esta haciendo realidad. Desde que me reagalaron mi máquina de coser he empezado a crear mis propios vestidos, bolsos, pantalones... Y de aquí nació mi idea de crear B-R´t (Be art) estas dos letras  son las iniciales de mi nombre que juntadas y añadiendoles una T se convierte en Be art. Creo que este nombre para mi marca representa muy bien lo que quiero transmitir a través de mi ropa pues todas y cada una de ellas son únicas y hechas a mano por lo tanto es arte y al llevarlo puesto te convierte en arte. Cree mi marca en 2010 despues de haber estudiado en ICM (institut català de la moda). Mi proposito con B-R´t es crear una nueva manera de vestir más innovadora y arriesgada, en la que cada persona se sienta agusto y único. La idea de este Blog es crear una tienda en la red en la que podais comprar todas las prendas que más os gusten. Todas y cada una de las prends estan echas a mano y cuidadosamente cosidas. Así que todas son únicas para tí, por que todas somos diferentes y nos gusta serlo.
                  Muchos besos y disfrutad de mi Blog.
Contacto: Blanca

is a new brand created in 2010 by Blanca Rasmussen, a young designer that has studied in ICM  (institut català de la moda) The purpose of this brand is to create a new way to dress more innovative and original, in which each person feels comfortable and unique. The idea of this blog is to create an online shop where you can buy all the clothes that you like more. Each and every one of you throw prends are carefully hand stitched. So all are unique to you.

Contact: Blanca Rasmussen: