martes, 1 de febrero de 2011




You don´t have to be rich 2 be my girl
You don´t have to be cool 2 rule my world
Ain´t no particular sign I´m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your

KISS- Prince

Fast,Slow,little dirty,cold, warm,an empty one,sweet,a burning one or just with lots and lots
(&lots&lots&lots&lots&lots) of love.
Well, don´t worry if u can´t find ur favourite!
B-rt has invented a quite special one for people who love to try new experiences!
I´ll call this Brand-new-type-kiss the Artist one.
Kissing feeling REAL LOVE! Yes, it´s quite difficult to being in an Artist one.
U can´t have this type of Kiss with everybody! It´s too Special for them!
But u know what? i´m the firts who had it!
I felt weird at start,obviously! Because i was kissing my design projects
(you can laugh at me,no worries!)
But then I saw something somewhere deep inside of me, telling me that I've just create something new!
So Yesterday I kissed everything which really deserve my Artist kiss!
'Started with my Pancakes, continued with my pillow which hold my ideas'keeper(head) every night,
then I kissed my pocket, running to kiss my selfphone, and at last, I kissed my model Paula who is here
showing her best side as usually!
THe shooting got so tired today, we were kissing the wall like over 30minutes! CRAZY!
I think I didn´t kiss more than I did it today! LOL
So hope u guys like the BRT-shirt cause I worked very much on it!
And don´t forget to get any of your favourite type of kiss to ur lover! Even if it´s an object! ;)
Thanks for checking!
C you guys soon!



4 comentarios:

  1. OH! Eres la mejor disenyadora que voy a conocer jamas te lo prometo!

  2. Grácias por el comentario! :)

    Me encanta, es preciosa ella, la camiseta i las fotos!
    Las que rie delante del fondo cada vez más lleno de besos... son increibles

    XX, Núria

  3. Este blog es fantástico! Tienes muchisimo talento!
    Todas las fotos son muy bonitas!