miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

God save the Queen


God save the queen

the fascist regime,
they made you a moron
a potential h-bomb.
God save the queen
she ain't no human being.
there is no future
in england's dreaming
Don't be told what you want
don't be told what you need.
there's no future
there's no future
there's no future for you
God save the queen
we mean it man
we love our queen
god saves
God save the queen

Hey! Today was a busy day! I use to pass my sundays eating banana and chocolate pancakes with one of my closest friend Paula. But this sunday was different because i finished my Kingdom-bag on tuesday (hope u guys like it) so we decided to go somewhere to take some pictures. (what means, NO PANCAKES!!)
We went to Montjuic (Barcelona)! And when we were walking up the hill, we saw a Zebra car which was awful and which inspired me to make that session! The sun was shinning and we were happy to be there! Paula was great, always showing her best side!
Just wanna remember u guys, to leave a message if u like the Kingdom bag or the pictures or whatever! :)
I will keep trying to show the best i can do to all of you!
Thanks for checking my blog! I will come back very soon! 


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  1. Muchas gracias por tu comentario guapa! La verdad es que tienes mucha imaginación asi que potencialo! xx



  2. Te sigo!:)
    Me encanta el bolso jajaj

  3. great concept for a shoot!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  4. te sigoo! me encantan tus diseño jajaj me los he visto todos :) Gracias pro pasarte por mi blog, y sigueme si quieres un beso ♥